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Walt Disney World and Disneyland Travels: Ways To Save

First, you have to consider what’s important to you when it comes to Disney?  Is it character breakfasts, rides, a great resort with a pool, the experience as a whole?  Think long and hard about it because it all comes into play on this one.

Disney Cruises
Did you know that a Disney Cruise is cheaper in the long run?  Did you also know that Disney Cruises offer more Character sightings than Walt Disney World?  And, most importantly, did you know that Disney owns a private island in the Caribbean for a port stop?!

All these things make Disney Cruise lines some of the best ships for kids!  It’s worth a look when you’re pricing Disney.  And, if you think you’ll be on a ship overrun with kids, thing again.  There are adults only parts to the ships, spas, bars, sports bars, ect.  And, the kids clubs onboard are amazing.

Dining Plan
Here’s the deal.  Unless you’re only going to eat quick service meals at Disney, the dining plans save you a bundle.  Here’s where your travel agent comes in!  Talk to your agent in advance and they can probably hook you up with room discount sales and discounted dining plans.

Target Gift Cards
Purchase Disney gift cards with your Target card, get cash back and put it toward your vacation!  5% is 5% here.

Partner Hotels
Your travel agent knows which hotels off Disney grounds partner with Walt Disney World for discounted tickets and meal plans.  All Disney travel agents have special training on the Resorts and Parks, including partner hotels

Character Meals
Breakfast and Lunch are cheapest to have this amazing experience for your children.  It will be one of the most memorable things they do at Disney.

Yep, that’s right.  You can volunteer in exchange for tickets at Disney.

Travel Off-Season
September is by far the best off-season month to go.  Not to mention all the great things to do in Orlando and discounts to be had all over the city!  Your travel agent can help you out with other times of the year that are during the off season for Disney Travel.

Spend a Day or Two Elsewhere
Disney is magical and all, but do something else a few days.  Universal Studios, Sea World and the beach are all great options for day trips away from Disney that can save you a bundle.

Travel Agent
Did I mention any benefits of using a travel agent yet?  Disney Agents have hours and hours of training to complete the Disney training course.  No single individual could obtain the knowledge learned by each Disney agent during their training.  From Magic Bands to resorts and parks to apps to make your trip perfect, they know it all, including how to save you a bundle on your trip and get the best value possible for the money you do spend.

Military Discount
I know, not everyone applies, but Disney does offer a pretty good military discount for those who qualify.  Ask your agent about terms and conditions.

Value Resorts
There are low price resorts that are nice.  Pop Centry, Art of Animation, All Star Music, All Star Movie and All Star Sports Resorts offer great themed rooms.  Talk to your agent, they can request coupons for your stay!

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