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Travel Insurance: To Buy or Not To Buy

I always recommend travel insurance. But how do you know when is the time to buy it, where to buy it, what coverage options are there? Let me break it down for you.

Travel insurance is especially important if you’re leaving the country. Why? Your health insurance doesn’t cover you outside the United States. And most have lower coverage out of your network or state. So, check your health insurance coverage.

Travel insurance is especially important if you have a lot of connecting flights. If you end up having to stay somewhere overnight due to weather or other reasons, the airline isn’t going to put you up for the night. How many mistakes can you afford. Let me tell you a little story. Before I was a travel agent, my grandmother and I took a trip to Iceland. We ended up sleeping in an airport because we had an early morning connection due to our flight getting in late. I am sure Grandma just did it because I didn’t want to spend money on a bed for a 3-hour nap. Travel insurance would have covered the hotel because of the flight bump.

Now, if you’ve been putting off a trip because your mother is sick, travel insurance with cancel for any reason coverage is a great idea! Plan the trip and hope everything goes well. If not, no worries. You’re covered!

Kids. We all love them. But, we don’t always want to take them along. A romantic getaway seems like a far-off land you can never get to. We can get a romantic getaway for two, plan it, look forward to it and next thing you know, Tommy breaks his leg the night before you go. Well, if you have travel insurance, no problem.

Travel insurance must be purchased within a certain timeframe from booking a vacation. So, make up your mind soon.

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I hope this helps you with your decision about travel insurance.

Where do you buy insurance? Talk to your travel agent. All agents are familiar with travel insurance. Your agent can help you decide what policy is best for you.

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