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Top US National Park Go Sees and Other Top US Getaways

The wonders of the National Parks in the United States amaze people worldwide each and every year.  The history and culture of the Pacific can be found on the Hawaiian Islands.  Discover history and explore nature in our parks.  Your kids can become Junior Rangers.  Explore the stories of America’s people in more than 400 national parks, national heritage areas, historic trails, waterways and neighborhoods.  From Alaska to Florida, National Parks are a place to seek relaxation, adventure and everything in between.  Go see these great landmarks and the parks they reside in!

  • Cape Royal and Angels Window in Grand Canyon
  • Half Dome in Yosemite
  • Mount McKinley in Denali
  • Grand Teton and the Central Peaks
  • Mount Rainier
  • Cumberland Gap National Historic Park
  • Chimney Rock National Historic Site
  • Devils Tower National Monument
  • Island in the Sky in Canyonlands
  • Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

Amtrak offers great vacations to many national parks throughout the country.  Price your Amtrak National Park Journey Today!

So many people take to the .coms to search places worldwide.  Those of us from the US often take for granted the amazingness of what we have right here in the United States.  People come from around the world to view our wonders that many people that live here have never seen.  So, consider the USA in your vacation planning.  Lets look at some more really great destinations.

Collage Of Breathtaking Images From Many US National Parks
  • Acadia – Maine
  • Arches – Utah
  • Badlands – South Dakota
  • Big Bend – Texas
  • Bryce Canyon – Utah
  • Canyonlands – Utah
  • Crater Lake – Oregon
  • Death Valley – California
  • Denali – Alaska
  • Everglades – Florida
  • Glacier – Montana
  • Glacier Bay – Alaska
  • Grand Canyon – Arizona
  • Grand Teton – Wyoming
  • Great Smoky Mountain – Tennessee
  • Haleakala – Hawaii
  • Hawaii Volcanoes – Hawaii
  • Hot Springs – Arkansas
  • Joshua Tree – California
  • Mount Rainier – Washington
  • Olympic – Washington
  • Rocky Mountain – Colorado
  • Sequoia & Kings Canyon – California
  • Shenandoah – Virginia
  • Yellowstone – Wyoming
  • Yosemite – California
  • Zion – Utah

If you haven’t seen all our national parks have to offer, you’re missing out.  I saw my first whale near Glacier Bay, Alaska, it was beached.  The natives feasted on that whale!

Rocky Mountain National Park has great offerings!  Take a day and go rock climbing, hike some trails, sit in some hot water pools, create some memories and check out some of the tons of activities the park has to offer.  There are private cabins with spectacular views. You won’t be disappointed.

I took a rare photograph once of a train running through Denali.  Denali National park in Alaska houses North America’s tallest mountain range and in my opinion most spectacular.  Rent a cabin, take a hike and enjoy the outdoor journey and the wildlife.  Just don’t come between a bear and her cub!

Hot Springs in Arkansas was one of the first destination resorts, with it’s year round warm waters right in the middle of the country. Who doesn’t want to rest in some hot springs and reduce their stress for an afternoon.  Take a retreat with your significant other for a little R&R.  If you’re anything like me, it’s much needed!

So, if it’s driving through trees in Sequoia or watching the Elk at Grand Teton, get out there and experience some of these great places.

Collage Of Images From Top Travel Destinations In The US

Along the brick-paved historic streets of Branson, MO line the quaint Mom & Pop shops of the Midwest.  It also features cave tours, ziplines, museums, theaters and a National Tiger Sanctuary.

The tradition of dying the Chicago River on St. Patty’s Day is a more than 50 year old tradition and is quite a spectacle the Saturday closest to Saint Patrick’s Day.

Built in 1962 for the World’s Fair, the Space Needle towers above Seattle and is built to withstand 200 mph winds and earthquakes up to 9.1 magnitude.

hoover dam

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is a great sight to see!  Located 30 miles Southeast of Sin City nestled between Nevada and Arizona on the Colorado River, it often gets missed by those traveling to Las Vegas.  I always say, “if you’re making the trip, you may as well see it all.”  Rent a jeep for the day and go off-roading a little!  If you have a little more time, take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, you won’t regret it.


Mississippi River Cruise Boat

Don’t discount a Mississippi River Cruise.  Sights include Civil War battlefields, restored plantations, rolling farmland and picturesque riverfront towns filled with Victorian-era architecture. The region has a rich musical legacy as the birthplace of the blues, jazz and country music. It’s been celebrated in literature, too, most notably by Mark Twain, who grew up in the port town of Hannibal, MO.

Cities, cities and more cities.  They’re endless in the US;  New York, Chicago, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Portland, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, St. Louis, Mobile, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Memphis……there’s unique experiences to be had in each city across the US.  Some of my most memorable personal experiences have been in cities with no plan, nowhere to be and just having a little time to roam and explore and take in the place in time.

Learn more about our national parks at NPS.GOV

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