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Top 12 Adventure Destinations

I love activities when I travel, especially experiencing new adventures. If you’re anything like me, the newness of a place and it’s experiences makes for a great new experience. There are some top adventure travel destinations to fit everyone’s list. A cup of tea for everyone if you will. Check out these top 12 Adventure Vacations!

  • Alaska
  • Africa
  • Peru
  • Belize
  • Yellowstone National Park and The Teton Mountains
  • Holland/ The Netherlands
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hawaiian Islands
  • Mediterranean Islands
  • Wine Tours
  • Small Ship Cruises


Alaska has so much to offer in the world of travel.  First, mountains.  Mountains taller than any I had ever seen before.  Mountains more beautiful than I had ever seen before.  Mountains that touch the sea and go above the clouds.  Glaciers that span for miles.  I took a ride in a cessna over the glaciers….I’d recommend that to anybody!  My first trip to Alaska, I remember seeing a moose within 20 minutes of leaving the airport.  I look at it in awe and made a comment about how large it was.  “Look over there, that’s her mama.”  Wait?  What?  That’s a baby?!  Fishing in the endless streams coming down the mountain for fresh salmon was amazing in itself.  There was a beached whale, the natives feasted.  I can’t explain the amazingness of Alaska.  It’s simple.  It’s beautiful.  It’s adventurous.


What doesn’t Africa have along the lines of adventures?  My personal dream is a hot air balloon safari mixed with some glamping.  I love glamping on a whole level of awesome.  The sounds, the stars, the luxury and comfort.  Win-Win

Really though.  Lions, Great White Sharks, giraffe, zebra…..the big boys.  Aboriginal tribes, primitive living, wildlife refuges, miles of untouched everything, beach, desert, forest….did I mention the untouched beaches?


Macchu Picchu, foodie havens, alpacas and beautiful landscapes full of hiking and wonderfulness.  This is what Peru is made of.  It’s a foodie paradise, too.


There’s a lot when it comes to Belize, and a lot of it has to do with beach.  There’s a lot of beauty that comes with a Belizean adventure!  Did I mention it’s cheap!?!

Yellowstone National Park & The Tetons

The Tetons are some of my faves.  The deep valleys, like Jackson and the rugged terrain offer some of the best experiences I’ve personally had.  The adventures that lie in Yellowstone alone are an experience one can talk about for decades.

The Netherlands (Holland)

This little country packs a punch!  History, museums, sex, drugs……the list is very vast when it comes to the Netherlands.  You won’t get bored here!


The hot spots for tourism are just the tip of the ice berg on this country.  Bypass Paris for the great finds.  France is great for foodie adventures!  And head South for some amazing beach adventures along the coast.


Having honestly never traveled to Germany, it’s on my bucket list.  My husband was stationed in….what’s he call it?….the .  I’ve heard adventure stories from him that rival some of my most adventurous days in college.  The castles, the hills, the country.  It’s all dreamy to me and I can’t wait to see it all!

The Islands of Hawaii

Tropical islands are the heart of adventure and Hawaii leads the way!  Swimming with turtles, exploring the ocean, volcanoes, beaches and all the hiking expeditions you could ever dream of.  There are plenty of adventures to be had.  For a great and daring trip, check out the North shore of Oahu and catch some great waves….experienced surfers only!

The Islands of the Mediterranean

Windsurfing, sailing, kite boarding, SCUBA diving, hiking, kayaking and climbing could make up your Mediterranean adventure.  Don’t miss sailing the Greek Isles!  You could even join the Tour de France.

Wine Tours

Whether it’s California, Australia or Italy, there’s a wide variety of adventures centered around wine.  Don’t miss these top shelf journeys with gourmet, adventure, luxury and fun.

Small Ship Cruises

Hurtigruten offers some amazing cruise adventures.  Celebrity’s Xpedition offers an amazing cruise. Uniworld, Azmara and AmaWaterways have some great itineraries as well.  Looking for something different?  Drop a line and we’ll start planning.

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