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Travel Tips: See America for about $250!

For around $250, you can purchase a 1-way ticket all the way across the United States and see quite a bit of the great old United States of America. Rail travel is a great way to see America. And, you can even upgrade to your own private room with a bed and meals included!

Where Can You SEE?
You can see great places like Salt Lake City and stop in Denver for a great Marijuana tour complete with a dinner experience learning to roll joints AND sushi while sipping wine or hit up the hot springs just outside the city! You get to cross the Mississippi river not far from the Mormon temple in Nauvoo, IL (just a jaunt from the Burlington, IA station) and then on up to Chicago before heading on East!

You could ride up around the great lakes and up to Boston, New York or Washington D.C. or take a more Southern route that meets your fancy. Hit the hot spots in Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Charleston, Savanna…..the list goes on. There are tons of sights and cities to see on an Amtrak Journey.

Other Journeys
My 2 dreamy rail trips are one of the East Coast (in the fall) and one of the West Coast. By saving the energy you could waste driving, you have more energy for sight-seeing! I can help you plan your stops and book your tickets, answer your questions and make suggestions. It’s a great process to take an amazing once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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