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Info From The Informational: Essentials for Traveling

Here are 7 Essentials for Extended Cruises:

1. Shoutout to Aunt Cathy for this tip! A standard plug-in power strip is a great item to take while traveling…..ship or on land. When you’re traveling, you have multiple devices to charge. It’s easier to plug them all into one power strip rather than using multiple outlets. When it’s time to pack up, you’re far less likely to forget a charger and leave it in your cabin upon departure of the ship if they’re all plugged into a central location.

2. I bring something meaningful to do. You might read a self-help book or a science fiction short story. You might choose to learn how to do something new, like draw. I carry playing cards and a deck of Uno cards for a quick something to do.

3. I can’t tell you how many times I have been on a long cruise that serves terrible coffee. One time while cruising through Hawaii, I bought a single serve coffee machine (retailed for about $20). Ten years later, I still take that $20 coffee machine on every cruise. I like to have my coffee on the balcony right when I wake up. Most of the time the buffet or dining hall is a five minute walk or so. Plus, it is fairly small and does not take up a lot of room in my suitcase. –Faye Siegel, Founder of Anchors Away

4. Celebratory Décor: Bring a few small items to make your stateroom more festive when traveling on long haul cruises such as a fold-up banner, small door wreath or light holiday blanket. –Michelle Fee, CEO and Founder of Cruise Planners

5. Passengers on long cruises should pack an over-the-door shoe organizer. These organizers, which usually come with about 24 clear pockets are great for storing small items like toiletries. With limited cabin space you can hang one over the bathroom door to help rid your cabin of clutter. –Tanner Callais, Founder of Cruzely.com . (Check out 39 Useful Things to Pack from Cruzely.com)

6. Cruising can quickly turn ugly for those who suffer from motion sickness or for those traveling with those who do. Don’t be caught unprepared. Pack or wear stylish acupressure wrist bands called Psi Bands and my favorite ear seeds. The PSI band is a clinically-proven medical device is for the relief of nausea due to motion/travel sickness. Ear seeds are another form of acupressure, it’s a tiny bandaid with a seed in the middle to apply pressure to other locations on the body. I love the third eye for motion sickness. — Cass DeJaynes, SquirrelRidgeTravel.com . (Check out 21 Motion Sickness Remedies To Ease Nausea, Vomiting and More)

7. As a solo traveller whose paid the single supplement a few too many times, I’ve sailed a plethora of cruise lines and itineraries so for me, packing for a long cruise comes down to layers. I bring a pullover fleece, pashmina scarf and cardigan which are key basics. –Suzanne Wolko @philatravelgirl

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