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Haven’t Flown In A Year Or More? Check Out These Changes!

  • Luggage Fees Have Increased on average $10 per bag across the board. Hate luggage fees? Check out Southwest Airlines or just pack light and fly a major airline that allows free carry-ons, you can always gate check!
  • Basic Economy Tickets Are A Thing on most airlines now. It used to be just discount airlines like Spirit and Frontier. It’s a growing trend with United, Delta, American, Hawaiian and JetBlue all jumping on board. Additional change fees on restricted fares, no seat assignment options, and additional luggage fees for things like carry-ons or first check bags on international flights.
  • Seat Selection Costs Money and on average it’s $31-37 per seat! That’s a chunk, so keep in mind what type of fare you’re purchasing when you purchase your ticket! You could end up paying more in seat selection and luggage fees than to upgrade to a premium economy ticket.
  • Real ID Is Not Yet In Effect until October 2020. You can still use your regular driver’s license.
  • Security Lines Are Longer during peak travel times since the move of TSA and Customs and Border agents to the US/Mexico border. Just make sure to plan ahead and get to the airport early.
  • The Expansion of 3D Scanners At Security are going to more airports. What’s this mean? Speeding up luggage scanning at security by allowing you and everyone else to leave their laptops and electronics in bags for scanning.

I hope you found these tips helpful and check back for more travel information soon! If you’re looking for plane tickets and the fare classes confuse you, please feel free to drop me a line, I’m happy to help you get the best value ticket available.

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