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Travel Tips: Girls Getaways

Traveling Girlfriends Looking For Directions

Some of my favorite vacation memories are with my girlfriends. I love traveling with my husband and I love watching my kids experience new places. But, nothing beats a trip with the girls!!

Group Trips

Creating memories with your squad can be an amazing trip. I highly recommend taking advantage of a travel specialist’s knowledge when putting together a group thing. It puts everyone on the same page and lays out the unexpecteds.

Getting the best value is in your best interests as well. You’ll have plenty of time to take advantage of flexible payment options, get any free upgrades and room comps, and all the extras you can’t get yourself if you book on a .com.

Creating memories isn’t always about the good, but a travel specialist can minimize your bad experiences and at least be there to help in the event that something goes awry. Being on hold when your flight is cancelled is not my idea of making memories! I tell my clients, “Go find the nearest bar, I’ll call you back as soon as I have your new flight information for you. And, keep your receipts from the bar and order an appetizer at least because we’re filing that on your travel insurance.” when their flights are cancelled. Trust me, the sighs of relief are well worth my planning fee!

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