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Do I need a passport?

Are you leaving the country?  If you answered yes, then you need a passport.  Yes, there are situations that you are not required to have a passport, but it is still highly recommended for you to have one in case of emergency.

Where do I get a passport?


You’ll need your birth certificate, another form of ID and passport photos (Walgreen’s can have them for you in an hour) and you can go to any courthouse to file.  Yes, you have to send your ID to the Passport Agency.  You’ll get it back.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you probably need some kind of travel insurance.  Ask me about the details, you may have it and not even know it.  But, you’ll have to inquire about the coverage.  We can go over the details.

What are the advantages of group travel vs individual travel?

There are more and more group travel options all the time and I strongly encourage my clients to take advantage of group travel for anything over 5 rooms if we can.  You get better perks traveling together.

You can have confirmed space for everyone and have everyone traveling together if they’re coming from the same gateway (airport).

You can guarantee rooms together in the same building or area of a resort if you have a good agent who knows what they’re doing.  Ask about all your group benefits and amenities!

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