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Travel Tips: Creating A Great Group Adventure

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  1. Contact A Travel Agent. I know, you can do this. I’m not doubting your abilities. Keep reading though.
  2. Ask about group rates and amenities. A worst case scenario is your agent can only get you on the same flight. Best case scenario….. this will depend a lot on the size of your group. But, do free rooms, free upgrades and free plane tickets perk your interest?
  3. Group perks like welcome drinks or dinner and a bus or 10 for you and your friends to travel together.
  4. Set a budget. Talk to your friends, family, whoever your traveling with and set a budget for your total trip per person. Once you have a budget, your travel agent can make recommendations based on your budget to ensure everyone can go.
  5. Get some options for accommodations, tours and any other wants for travelers included in your group. If your group wants to golf and spa, for example, your agent can certainly accommodate your needs and make planning, booking and payment options a seamless and easy process.
  6. Make sure you have transportation, transfers, travel insurance, tours, deposit amount and final payment date clear for all travelers. Your agent should be able to create an easy to use website or Facebook group for all pertinent travel information.
  7. Have fun on your once-in-a-lifetime journey.
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