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Independent Travel Specialist Part-Time to Full-time Job Description An Independent Travel Specialist advises clients on every facet of the vacation purchasing process. Conducting a travel transaction can be a confusing and complicated process for clients so they depend on a travel specialist to offer them expert advice, act as their advocate during negotiations and help Read More

10 Reasons People Travel

What drives people to travel?  I know a lot of people that don’t have any desire to leave home.  They have everything they want and need right there.  But, there are reasons people travel and I’ve narrowed it down to 10 big reasons that people want to travel.  Lets get right to the list: Challenging Read More

10 Islands To Get Away To

Here are some beachy spots everyone should visit! 1. Azores Islands 2. Saint Lucia 3. Phuket, Thailand 4. Nassau, Bahamas 5. Negril, Jamaica 6. Phu Quoc, Vietnam 7. Ambergris Caye, Belize A great location to drop some stress off for a little relaxation 8. Bali, Indonesia 9. Dominican Republic With amazing views in Cap Cana Read More

Long Term Travel Plans: The 5-Year Guide

Step 1: Write A Family Travel Mission Statement Have all family members identify what they are looking for in travel.  Education and relaxation are on the top of most people’s lists.  Is travel an occasional treat or are you trying to get to every continent before the kids go to college?  Do you want to Read More

Travel Planning Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

I get more and more clients wanting US travel planning help. I’ll be honest. I thought for years that the bulk of my clients would want help with International travel because it’s more complicated. I’ve been proven wrong again! International travel has it’s quarks. But, so does domestic travel. Things like train and bus routes Read More

Creating the Perfect Vacation

Travel planning it tricky.  There are a few factors that you can focus on to help you plan the perfect vacation.  Budget, destination, excursions and down time. Budget defines everything and is essential in your travel planning. If you don’t have a budget, you can’t go anywhere. Finding out your budget often means having savings Read More

Top Things To Do In Nashville

  I have a lot of  people ask me about Nashville.  Nashville is awesome.  Stay downtown and have fun!  The Omni is my top pick, but there are a lot of great deals going on all the time, so contact me for discounted rates in Nashville.  Here are some of the best things to do Read More


I can’t explain wanderlust.  If you’ve never experience the need to explore, you just don’t understand it either. It don’t just have to do with places and newness, it has in part to do with finding your best self.  I, for one, have not found my best self yet. There are a variety of festivals Read More

Europe is HOTT for 2018!

  I’ve had tons of requests for Europe; Italy and Spain, some for England, Ireland, Iceland, Netherlands…’s crazy.  I sit here wondering where they’re all coming from.  Have they been saving?  Two years ago, I had no requests for Europe and now they’re rolling in faster than the Caribbean.  I don’t know why or how Read More

Best Shopping Cities for Budget Shopping

Read More

3 Different Honeymoons and 3 Different Budgets

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