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Best Shopping Cities for Budget Shopping

Best Shopping Destination For Budget Shoppers

What Great Finds Can You Find In These Great Cities?


What to buy? Silver jewelry, coffee, chocolate, designer fabric, handmade items and beachwear. 


What to buy? Lamps, 


What to buy? Truffle pasta, leather, art supplies.

Buenos Aires

What to buy? Cashmere, rodochrosita, art, corree.

Hoi An

What to buy? Leather, clothes, footwear, textiles, fabric, art.

Sao Paulo

What to buy? Cachaça, flip flops (they were born here), wine, swimwear, chilli-infused oil, soapstone, hammock, emeralds and soccer apparel.

New York City

What to buy? High end fashion to fishmarkets, knockoffs, handmade goods, and so much more.


What to buy? Crafts and antiques, copy cat anything (counterfeit culture is huge!), silk & textiles, furniture and home decor, art, books, ceramics, 


What to buy?  Tea sets, ceramics, fans, handicrafts, art, silk, sweets, fabrics, jade, pearls, clothes, tea, Chinese medicinal herbs, exotic gastronomy and local Chinese delicacies.


What to buy?  Eyeglasses, abalone, peaches, watches, electronics, shoes and clothes.

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