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10 Tips for Traveling Couples

10. Meet People!  This is one of my favorite things about traveling.  I love to make new friends and so does my husband.  We would be perfectly happy anywhere as long as we are together.  But, not everyone is like that.  Have an extra beer and make small talk with a local.  You won’t regret it!

9. Build Memories.  Don’t forget the camera, but if you do, buy a disposable at the very least.  Take lots of pictures and enjoy the adventure.  You won’t ever get this time back to spend with your significant other, so cherish it and enjoy the trip.

8. Have “Date” Moments.  There are so many little ways to make these moments happen.  But, sometimes they happen unplanned, like on a walk to catch the bus and you get a glimpse of a great sunset.  But special dinners, massages at the hotel spa or even go-carting can make these date moments special memories for just the two of you.  Just don’t let them pass you by.

7. Don’t plan to do anything on big travel days.  And, stick to 1-3 to dos per day.  Exhaustion and jet lag lead to major frustrations of tiny obstacles.  Plan some down time on these days to avoid being overwhelmed and tired.  That combination can make or break the tone of a vacation.

6. Laugh At Yourself – and sometimes each other.  Laughing will lighten the mood instead of dull it.

5. Have “Me Time”  Plan it if you have to.  But take time for yourself.  I like to take mine for shopping, spa time and sending postcards.  Find that time or you may find yourself annoyed.

4. Teambuilding activities aren’t just great for work.  They’re great for relationships.  They solidify the support and encouragement you have for one another.  Like the Wonder Pets say “What’s gonna work?  Teamwork!”

3. Share decisions & Compromise  What to do? What to eat?  Where to visit next?  There’s always time to try something else if you’re willing to take turns.  Certainly you can make time for most things.

2. Similar interests help, but do something you’re both interested in – even if it’s check out the swim-up bar!  Who cares if swimming with the dolphins will cost you a little more.  When are you ever going to have an opportunity to do it together again?

1. Learn to work through the challenges, TOGETHER.

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