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10 Dreamy Vacations To Start Planning Today

  1. Beijing to Moscow via the Trans-Siberian Railroad See the Forbidden City, Great Wall and so much more with this amazing rail journey.  For half the cost of flying around plus you get to see more on this amazing journey.
  2. Bhutan Yoga, buddhist monks, ultra luxury…doesn’t sound bad to me.  Add some shopping at the markets, you had me at luxury and shopping!  Who doesn’t love luxury and shopping?!
  3. India Tiger Safaris and Saris sounds comfortable.  Panna National Park offers so much to see, so don’t miss it or the tigers.  Then you have Delhi, Kerala spice plantations, gem markets of Jaipur, the floating palace of Udaipur….wait, a floating palace?!  Will I find Jasmine and Aladdin?
  4. Tokyo and the Jigokudani Valley Tokyo is a culinary masterpiece.  Visit Nagano (yes, the Olympics were held here in 1998) and the Japanese Alps for skiing and a dip in the hot springs among the pink-faced snow monkeys. Fly south to the remote Ryukyu Islands to go trekking on jungly Iriomote—Japan’s Galapagos—to visit the preserved villages and pristine beaches of Taketomi, and to go SCUBA diving among giant manta rays at Ishigaki.  Okinawa  will give you the luxury and relaxation you need before heading home from this fun-filled journey.
  5. Antarctica Cruise Kayak past icebergs, watch rare albatross flap their 11-foot wings, and walk down penguin beaches. Get magazine-worthy shots. World-renowned researchers and naturalists lead talks. And, days end with champagne-sipping while watching elephant seal pups. That’s as cool as it gets.
  6. Galapagos via Private Yacht Can anybody beat this?  Remember in biology when we talked about the research done by Darwin on the Galapagos with animals?  The volcanic islands themselves are evolving, graduating from being home to basic tents and lodges to offering more stylish eco digs like the Galapagos Safari Camp. Combine a stay here with a cruise aboard the Grand Odyssey yacht to see blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, orcas, penguins, and iguanas, not to mention a Technicolor array of birds not found anywhere else. The best part? Having never learned to fear humans, the animals often let tourists get remarkably close.
  7. South Africa Lions and Vineyards have me at HELLO.  Sip wine while driving a jeep through lion country.  Sounds like golf without the balls and clubs, only better.
  8. Glamping in East Africa Don’t miss this exciting journey.  Bug-less, with air conditioning, and a bathroom….you’ll be fine.  Plus you’ll see amazing amounts of wildlife, sleep under the stars, probably drink some wine and have dinners under the stars, drink coffee over the Savannah.  Sound peaceful and serine to me!
  9. Seychelles  The ultimate in luxury; infinity pools, and it’s an island.  Did I mention it’s an island full of luxury?
  10. Ski the Rockies The Rocky Mountains are still my favorite after all these years when it comes to skiing.  And, specifically, Winter Park Ski Resort is on my top 5 list.  Have I been everywhere?  No.  But, I’ve been to a lot of them!
gem markets of Jaipur

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